Be Prepared

bad roadsI have to admit I am a bit cranky today. I woke up to an inch of snow and freezing temps and its May! Last year this same day it was 85 🙁 . I am so ready for summer and warmth; if you can tell it’s been a bit of a long winter for us Coloradans.

So, I am in a bit of a rut but luckily I had leftover lentil soup so have eaten that for dinner and will have for lunch too. I need warmth in my meals! I know I have blogged about making beans in a crock pot before and how easy it is. I think this is another perfect example beans in crock potof how you never know when you may need an easy meal and if you get sick of the beans or soup before its all gone then freeze and pull out on a rainy or snowy day.

Prepping for lunch last night also saved me this morning. The snow of course caused traffic and wrecks so I needed to get on the road ASAP in order to get to my Spin Bootcamp class. Last night when I was making dinner I sliced veggies for my salad and sliced extra red bell pepper which I then threw in a bag with some baby carrots for lunch today. I also dished out a serving of the lentil soup and had stacked in the fridge to grab this am.

blueberry-green-monster21-225x300I am still obsessed with my Green Protein Monster smoothie and found if I take all the ingredients I need out of the fridge and on the counter then I can make my smoothie and my tea even quicker. It is all about developing a routine so when you are groggy you can go on “auto-pilot”.

Think of ways you can prep for your lunch tomorrow – maybe make extra grilled or baked chicken tonight and put in a container with veggies. Then you can “grab and go”  tomorrow morning. Or maybe you work from home or do not have a traditional schedule – prepping your meals will still help you make smarter eating choices since it is all ready and in front of you so you don’t have to stare in the fridge and think of what to make. In these situations we may chose something not as healthy, especially if we are already hungry 😉 .

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