Early Morning Workouts? Eat Before

You have heard me before stress the importance of eating breakfast. Eating breakfast not only fuels your body after an 8+ hour fast (sleeping) and boosts your metabolism for the day but sets you up for smarter eating choices throughout the day. I know a […]

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Sports Nutrition

SPORTS NUTRITION   What to eat? Active individuals vs. Sedentary  Not much changes overall but more detailed focus on carbs, timing of meals and makeup of meals/snacks before and after exercise. Focus on: fluids lost, need to refuel for energy, need protein to build and repair […]

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Eating Pre and Post Exercise

Proper nutrition and timing of meals and snacks is crucial to workout performance and recovery. Confused about if you should eat before workingout? Not sure what to eat? How long before a workout should you eat? Should you eat after a workout? What if I […]

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