Create an Environment for Healthy Eating

I often think of how lucky I am to be surrounded by an environment that is conducive to living a healthy lifestyle. I have been given many opportunities and blessings in my life to be where I am and I am truly grateful. I have also made my lifestyle a priority – that is I went to college and grad school in state as Colorado contained the active lifestyle that I am drawn to; I went into a field that at its foundation is health and offers opportunity for me to live a healthy life (not crazy hours) and married someone who shares these values with me.
betsyies takes 110
my mom and me camping - she is amazing!

In honor of Mother’s Day and my wonderful mom in particular I started to reflect on how I have created an environment for healthy eating and living and this is largely due to the environment I was raised in. We sat down to a dinner every night, there was always a green salad, and my brother and I had the options of milk or water to drink. Deserts – mainly cookies – were limited to special occasions and some weekends as were sodas. My father is an avid outdoors-man and athlete and my mom ran almost every morning of my childhood. Our weekends were structured around active outdoor activities.

My family set me up for a healthy lifestyle and I incorporated their values and priorities into my own lifestyle centered around the core belief of being kind to your body through good food and exercise. Eating well and being active incorporates so much more than health but creates and strengthens relationships with others (and yourself) and sets an environment that is supportive and focused on wellness for your body, mind and spirit as well as your family and your community.

whispers1We all observe and learn from one another so, let us all be role models and support for each other –for your children, spouse, friend, or a stranger at the market that asks you how to cook Kale when she sees you buying it (happened to me a couple months ago).

I give all the respect, admiration, and kudos to moms out there who are creating an environment for healthy eating for their families. Your impact is profound. Happy Mother’s Day!






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