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I have been thinking about the idea of dieting and losing weight. It can be so challenging and can lead us to be very hard on ourselves if we are not meeting our goals – often dictated by the scale. I heard this on the radio today and it stuck with me. DIET can stand for:               DO – I – EAT – THOUGHTFULLY?

In my blog and other nutrition writings and when seeing nutrition clients I often discuss the idea of consciously fueling our bodies for what we want to accomplish – if that is having more energy, being more productive at work, training for a athletic event, weight loss, or simply feeling our best. I challenge my clients and myself regularly to think of all the ways eating well can impact our life and taking the time to acknowledge these. If we focus on the more overarching lifestyle priorities such as living a long and healthy life for ourselves and loved ones (what’s more important?) then we are more likely to stick with a plan and turn town the cupcake at work. chocolateIs the cupcake worth it – is eating the cupcake getting us closer to our life priorities?

I am also a big proponent of treating yourself (enjoying life is a priority too 😉 ). If we are too strict with our diets then we are more likely to binge and get off track all together and then there are emotions of failure that make us less likely to start a plan again. Treating yourself daily can be part of a healthy lifestyle. The are 2 things that you should think about when treating yourself:

  • take the time to savor your treat – use all your senses and make the treat an appropriate size. If you love chocolate than eating a whole bar of it may not fit into your caloric needs for the day but if you enjoy a piece or two and if you really tune in and focus on your treat you will be satisfied with a smaller amount.


food_bananas_banana_240848_lFood is powerful. Take the time to tune into your meals and snacks and you will notice how certain meals will make you feel great while others do not. When our body is used to a “clean” diet of lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables and fruit; a Big Mac or box of candy may not make us feel great. We need to listen to our bodies and thoughtfully fuel our bodies to feel and look our best.

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