Getting through a busy week

onion_onions_spring_241860_lI hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day!

The workweek has begun and I for one am already swamped with to-dos. When work and life gets really busy healthy eating can drop to the way side. Hopefully yesterday or over the weekend you did a bit of prep work so you have some food options in your house.

Take a couple moments today to come up with a basic healthy eating plan with some meal and snack options. If you know you are going out to a meal then go online first and pick out a healthy option. We make better choices when we are not in the Panasonic_Lookatme_quartz_18288_lrestaurant, smelling the yummy food and talking with our friends and co-workers. You are more likely to make a smarter choice early in the day then you get there hungry and will be less tempted by the burger or fried this or that.

If you have food at home think about some easy meals that you can make extra of then have for lunch the next day. Stir-frys work great as leftovers. Or maybe you have fixings for a sandwich. Try to think the night before what you are going to make then prep the meal if you have time or at least organize the ingredients in the fridge so you can everystockphoto_184762_mthrow something together in the morning quickly (when we are still a bit groggy 😉 ). For instance, last night I knew was going to have leftover chicken stir-fry for lunch so put an appropriate amount in a Tupperware and decided on Greek yogurt with blueberries for a snack so I put the yogurt right in front so I did not have to dig in my fridge at 5 am.

When we are really busy we can also forget to eat all together or our time of eating can get out of whack. For instance I had to be at work at 6:30 am so ate breakfast at 5:30 and was starving by 10:30 – kinda of a weird time for lunch but hey time-wise it was lunch time! If you get up early or later one day your meal times may shift a bit – that is okay – the most important thing is to eat and never let more than 5 hours go by with out fuel. You will work more efficiently, be more productive and have more energy throughout the day if you fuel your body regularly with protein, good whole grain carbs, and fruits/vegetables.

Here’s to a great week 🙂

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