Mix it up this spring . . .

Happy Hump Day! 😎

I hope everyone’s week is going well and you are taking some time to exercise, eat healthy and enjoy spring. Spring is finally arriving in Colorado and I am so excited!!! I like to use the transitions in seasons to motivate to try new things and add variety to my workouts and diet.

30216_118182638211844_100000603247709_179134_5373510_nThis week I tried a bootcamp yoga – 30 minutes of bootcamp style exercises like squats, free weight_train_training_263084_lweights, and ply metrics but completed in a yoga room barefoot then the class finished with 30 minutes of vinyasa style yoga. The class was challenging but the yoga added a wonderful element so I felt great afterward. Fast forward 2 days – whew I am still sore! It’s a good sore though like my body is being IMAGE_04112-300x225challenged to change.

Diet wise I have been eating the barley, feta, and pear salad almost every day for lunch with a piece of protein –  a piece of grilled chicken breast or ground turkey. The barley definitely fills you up (high fiber) and at the same time is “light” enough so you do not feel sluggish after eating.

spinach costcoFor breakfasts I have been having oatmeal or a sandwich thin with peanut butter. I miss my green protein monster smoothies dearly but have been so busy that I have not had time to stop by Costco for more spinach. Using 2 cups of spinach in the smoothie makes you go through spinach so quick that buying it at bulk at Costco is a must 😉

Besides that I am continuing to focus on eating lost of vegetables and fruit and enjoying the bounties of spring. So, look at your fitness and healthy eating plan and think of ways you can mix it up a bit. Maybe try a new exercise class, take a run outside, or try a new recipe – be creative!

We all can get in a rut and mixing up your workouts and revamping your diet will help you reach a new plateau in wellness.

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